Congo Week 2024

Flyers & Fact Sheets

Thank you for Breaking the Silence and joining the global movement in support of the Congo.

Please remember to post your event on the Congo Week events calendar so that people in your city can participate in your event. Each day of Congo Week representes a specific theme, Click here to view the daily themes for Congo Week.  Follow us on Twitter @congofriends and tweet your support using hashtags #CongoWeek. Scroll down to access materials, information and resources for your event.

Fact Sheets

Congo: Basic Facts (PDF)
Historical Overview of the Congo (PDF)
Congo's Minerals (PDF)
Coltan Basics (PDF)
Congo Basin Rainforest (PDF)
Women's Situation (PDF)
Congo Talking Themes (PDF)
Ten Reasons Why Congo Matters (PDF)
Core Prescriptions From The Ground (PDF)
United Nations Mapping Exercise Report Recommendations (PDF)

Take Action

Join the Global Movement

Click here to join the global movement for peace, jusitce and human diginity in the heart of Africa or call 202-584-6512 to find out how you can get invovled.

Breaking The Silence T-shirts

Click here to order official Break the Silence Congo Week T-shirts

City Council Resolution

Download a sample city council resolution. Work with your city council to pass a resolution in support of the Congo. Encourage the council to send the resolution to their state's Congressional Delegation, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Companies in the Congo

Click here to download (PDF) a partial list of companies

Reading List
Click here to download (PDF)

Breaking The Silence Curriculum

General Historical Overview of Congo (Power Point)

Militarism in Congo and Africa (PDF)
provided by Resist Africom

Films & Videos
Click here to viewCrisis in the Congo: Uncovering the Truth
Click here to view
Dan Rather Report on Corporate exploitation of Congo (Select All Mine Title from I-Tunes)
Click here to view
list of recommended movies to show during Congo Week!

Christian Liturgy

Click here to download (PDF)
Faith leaders action kit (PDF)


Congo Week Promotional Video (Please share with your network)