Congo Week 2024

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Do participants have to organize an event or activity to be a part of Congo Week?
A. No, we encourage people to either organize or attend an event that is being organized on their campus or in their community. Click here to find out where events are being held throughout the globe.

Q. Do participants have to do something each day during Congo Week?

A. No, you only have to do something any day that week. We encourage you to organize an event or activity every day but if you only have one event, you would have made a contribution to commemorating the lives lost and elevating the profile of the Congo.

Q. Are events and activites being organized in the Congo?
A. Yes, events are being organized by various groups throught the Congo. View the appeal from Congolese youth to participate in Congo Week and join the global movement in support of the Congo.

Q. Do we have to organize a concert on our college campus or in our community?

A. No but we encourage you to do so. If a concert is beyond your means, there is number of alternative activities you may organize:
1. A party with a purpose
2. A play on the Congo
3. Bowl for the Congo
4. Step for the Congo (Greek Step Show)
5.Comedy show
6. Fashion Show

We believe you get the picture, something can be organized on your campus or in your community where people can have fun, learn about the Congo and join in solidarity with people throughout the globe in addressing the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time.

Q. Is there any way we can help with the organizing efforts at the global headquarters?

A. Yes, we need as much support as possible. Please contact us at 1-202-584-6512 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q. Do you have educational materials and resources that we can use for Congo Week?
A. Yes, we can send you DVDs. You can also visit the download section of our website to get fact sheets, reports, talking points, flyers, posters, banners and other materials that can be used as learning tools for Congo Week.

Q. Is this just a one-time event or do you plan follow-up?

A. No, this is not a one-time event. As a follow-up to Congo Week, we organize Breaking The Silence Speakers Tour from February to July each year. We would like for you to stay engaged with Friends of the Congo as we continue make the call for peace, justice and human dignity for the people of the Congo.

Q. Are there any projects we can support through Congo Week?
A. Yes, please visit the projects section of the Friends of the Congo's website to support Congo projects.

What People Should do?

1. Organize an event or a series of events focusing on Congo during Congo Week.
2. Reach out to as many student and community organizations as possible to participate in Congo Week.
3. Include journalism and communications students in the Congo Week effort.
4. Encourage individuals and organizations in your local community to join the students in participating in Congo Week.
5. Reach out to campus and local media to cover Congo Week activities.
6. Organize a fundraiser for Congo organizations.
7. Develop database of students interested in remaining engaged in issues around the Congo.
8. Encourage professors to give students credit for participating in Congo week.
9. Request that professors teach a special class on one the Congo. Any class can teach something that relates to the Congo from math to engineering to literature or the sciences, every discipline can find something to teach regarding the Congo.
10. Encourage your campus administration or city council to issue an official statement or pass a resolution deploring the deaths of an estimated 6 million Congolese.