Congo Week 2024

September 9th, 2009

Last night I joined the cause "Breaking the Silence" on Facebook and one friend (Charlotte) joined. I asked another student (Mikel) if he had looked at any of the articles I posted on Facebook and he had.

I wrote an e-mail to a Enrique who thought I was exaggerating the problem in the Congo. He responded, saying he now realized that it was a much bigger problem than he thought.

I e-mailed Friends of the Congo, asking who I should talk to about getting the Congo Week website translated to Spanish. I printed the homepage in English to take to Spanish class tomorrow so that my teacher can help me translate it.

I wrote to a Congolese man who is coming to the BePeace training - if he gets his visa, which starts Sunday, introducing myself. My e-mail signature is the following:

In the past 10 years in the Democratic Republic of the Congo,
5.4 million have died as a result of the war, half of them children.
The death toll far exceeds those of other recent crises,
including those in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Darfur, Iraq, and Rwanda.
More than 200,000 women, girls and men have been raped.
Get informed: Congo - the forgotten crisis. Take action.
Congo Week: October 18-24, 2009.

I cried once today. Mourning is a process.