Congo Week 2024

Mwana Afrika

At the dawn of the 1980s a worldwide movement called Globalization was launched and many countries saw their GDPs rise, and their people have been gradually lifted from harsh poverty. As true as this reality has been for those countries, few-to-none African countries benefited from Globalization, at the contrary, Africa has suffered setbacks, wars and genosides like no other continent. For some reason many Africans still believe their salvation would come from elsewhere. Fellow Africans, now is time to lift our voices and make required sacrifices. Please do not be ashamed to tell the world that you are MWANA AFRIKA, and that Africa needs you to see the change waited for so long. Our children deserve a better continent than we have inherited. Do your share, be Mwana Afrika.

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Patchio Muleba, President/Founder Mwana Afrika International