Congo Week 2024

Congo Videos Released

I have released a series of free videos as part of my efforts to support the cause of peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The six short programs feature readings of passages from my novel, Heart of Diamonds, as well as photographs I took in Central Africa while researching the book.The three-minute videos are available on YouTube and other websites and blogs.

I hope these videos will help draw the world’s attention to the endless violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nearly six million people have died in this war so far and the violence is increasing as we speak. The media generally ignores the devastation, which is why I am speaking out. The videos are free for non-commercial distribution.

The videos are at They highlight the effects of the violence in the Congo, which is one of the major themes of Heart of Diamonds. Titles include “The Rape Of A Mother,” “Making A Child Soldier,” “The Machete,” “Refugee Children,” “The Anguish Of Rape,” and “A People Destroyed.” Each is approximately three minutes in length.


Dave Donelson, author of Heart of Diamonds a romantic thriller about blood diamonds in the Congo.