Congo Week 2024

Break the silence


  1. On October 22, 2008, in the same order to participate in the breaking the silence about the horrible situation of the DR Congo our beloved country, I initiate to send a cell phone messages call for consciousness. It consists of forwarding messages to many people as possible about the Congo coltan, its use on the making of cell phones and war that goes with it, killing lives of about 6 million of innocent Congolese people. This method is not necessarily cell out suggested by other friends, and which I do appreciate of course, but it is just a claim for awareness from cell phone users that while they enjoy quality service offered by coltan, some are dying out of it for unscrupulous demagogues to make profit. Hope this initiative will reach a large population of the Philippines and so in a way break the silence.

  2. I wish also to show also some movies about the DR Congo . I have got two so far:

(From ) - The Real Mobile Phone Wars – DRC from v=JQIsLqkuATY&feature=related thanks to Outreach Team (congoweek)

- Les 3 hommes qui ont marque l’histoire du 20e siecle

3. Coming soon: Article on war and rape in DR Congo (Bavon M.)

Bavon M.